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Fat Go TipsThe latest news about an 11 year-old obese woman undergoing bariatric surgery has put the matter of childrens health and youth obesity under the scanner. We speak to dietitian Neha Chandna, leading paediatrician Dr Zinal Unadkat and diabetes mellitus and obesity surgeon Dr Ramen Goel about the way to tackle this weighty problem. Examples of youth obesity are on the rise today and there are numerous reasons which promote the growing numbers. The prime one is sedentary lifestyles. Children do not play outdoor games nowadays. There are not several facilities for playing games like basket ball, football, cricket, etc.

Moreover, they’ve options aplenty at home like watching tv, playing video games, computer and mobile games. This reduces their physical exercise to a huge extent, points out Dr Zinal. – She adds that the simple access to junk foods such as pizzas, fries, hamburger which is rich in unsaturated fats and therefore are difficult to digest also increase the problem. Now, both parents are working in the majority of households and children are at the forefront of maids who don’t necessarily care for their diet. In joint households, grandparents on pamper children by providing sweets and chocolates that features to fat gain, she says.

fat loss diet plan benefitsSo how can parents manage this situation? Here are some pointers Dr Zinal recommends: Discipline your kid and enforce some constraints regarding their diet. Give them fresh and yummy homemade foods than outside, readymade food. Maintain a balance in time spent on playing and studies. Encourage physical activities like a family like visiting swimming, badminton, collectively. Let them take part in the sport and not just be focussed on academics. What’s a healthful diet for children? In order to make sure that your kid is eating right, dietitian Neha Chandna has devised a healthful meal plan for kids. A growing kid needs all the nutrients in adequate quantities to promote growth and development both emotionally and physically.

Their diet should have foods from all groups of food, she says. Fish also contains DHA for brain growth of the kid – Fruits of all varieties for vitamins, minerals and fibre – Green leafy vegetarianism such as spinach, methi, broccoli for iron and blood formation – Healthy oils such as olive oil, rice bran oil, sunflower oil for essential fatty acids and overall good health – Tips: Do no force of the kid to gulp the food he doesn’t like. Rather change of the recipe or of the way of cooking or present that particular food or substitute it with some other ingredient to make sure he\/she gets the desired nutrients, she adds. Dr Reshma, l.ublisher of this website and mother of an eight year old also gives some handy tips. A young kid is extremely influenced by the parents.