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New research proves that simply adding one fat-burning food to your daily diet might be the key to getting slim forever. Talk about good news for people who want to shed weight, but are also busy for large diet and changes in lifestyle. These are 6 of the best fat-burning foods for females and healthy drinks for weight loss, plus they really do work. Even more great news! These are some tasty and functional foods you will be happy to work into your normal eating plan. It appears as if people have been speaking about grapefruit diets for many years and it turns out for valid reason.

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In fact, Johns Hopkins University’s research shows that adding 1/2 grapefruit to each meal can help you shed 20 pounds in 13 weeks. Pink grapefruit includes a red pigment called lycopene, plus 3 other strong compounds that work together to block fat absorption and increase metabolism. fat burning diet for femaleRegardless if you serve it raw or cooked, eating 3 cups of spinach cups could speed your weight reduction ten percent, suggests research in the journal Hormones. Of canned tuna or fresh tuna weekly may help you trim 9 pounds in another month-no other change needed, according to new research. Tuna’s healthful omega-3 fats enhance your body capability to use leptin, a bodily hormone that curbs between meal hunger, describes Barry Sears, Ph.D., writer of The Mediterranean Zone.

Adding 1-1/2 cups of plain yogurt to your daily diet can help you shed 25% more weight? and 60% more fat, Australian scientists say. Yogurt mixture of Good probiotic bacteria and proteins stimulates your liver to lose body fat for fuel. Not fond of yoghurt? Try taking a mixed probiotic supplement. Important: Always check with your physician prior to starting a brand new supplement and since concentrations vary, follow the packet instructions for dosage. Avocado delivers double benefits. They are rich in omega-9 fats, essential oils which make cells in your own muscles melt 5% more fat, say University of California scientists. Omega-9s also calm your mind hunger middle, stopping diet sabotaging cravings. You only need to eat 1/2 avocado daily to benefit. Sprinkling at total of 3 Tbs.