Stop cheating your Fat Loss Diet Plan

February 11, 2013 Diet Tips

Sticking to the Fat Loss Diet Plan or any particular Weight Loss Diet Plan is quite a challenge. Fat loss diets are diets with low carb value so you and you need to exclude most of the foods containing sugar and starchy carbs. So, it becomes difficult to avoid your favorite foods or snacks.

cheating with your Fat Loss Diet Plan:

1. Instead of cut cutting off your favorite treats from your diet, enjoy your treat once in a while. Decide a day in a week when you will be eating your delicious treat. This will not only make you feel satisfied but also help you from feeling deprived. Eating a piece of chocolate once in awhile on your decided day will make you feel satisfied rather than cheating

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Bodyweight Exercises : Training With Own Bodyweight

February 11, 2013 Fat Loss

Bodyweight Exercises are best for training with own bodyweight anywhere. You can stay fit and healthy without going to gym or using exercise machines. You can use your body weight to stay fit and healthy. Bodyweight Training helps you build strength as well as endurance in your body. You can do these exercises anywhere and anytime, at home or outside. 20 - 30 minutes of workout per day will serve the purpose.

Here are some Bodyweight Exercises.

Push Ups: Lie down on floor with both palms against the ground little wider than your shoulders width.
Straight up your arms by forcing your palms. Keep your body straight in a line. Your body weight should be completely on your palms and toes.
From the

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Health Benefits Of Gardening

February 11, 2013 Fat Loss

There are a number of Health Benefits Of Gardening. Gardening is good for your overall health. As per researches, gardening is not only good for physical fitness but it is also good for mental health.

Here are the Health Benefits Of Gardening:

Being outside: When you spend time gardening, you get fresh air exposure to sunlight. Sunlight is the biggest source of vitamin D which helps you fight depression. When you are working out your plants in the garden, your mind is completely busy and focused on doing that job. This helps you prevent the worthless, unhappy or negative thoughts entering the mind. One thing to be kept in mind is to wear sunscreen as you go out in open sun for protection from skin

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Sprinting For Weight Loss

February 11, 2013 Weight Loss

Want to lose weight fast? Fitness experts suggests Sprinting For Weight Loss. Being a high intensity form of physical workout, sprinting makes your muscles work hard and so they burn more calories in less time. Also, burning of calories continues even after the workout. It raises the body metabolism and helps to burn calories faster as compared to other low intensity workouts. Therefore, many trainers include Sprinting for Fat Loss training.

Why Sprinting For Weight Loss?

When you run will your full strength or do sprinting for small time intervals, you take long deep breaths as body asks for more oxygen. These deep breathing increases the level of oxygen being carried in the blood to all your body muscles

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How to use tennis ball to get fit

February 11, 2013 Fat Burning

Workout with tennis ball for flat belly :-
1. Lie down on the floor straight and hold a tennis ball in your hand. Keep your legs and back straight.
2. Raise your torso and both legs up in the air to get your body into V shape. Keeping your torso as steady as possible, get your legs into slow motion like scissor bringing one leg down while taking other leg up at the same time. Keep your abs muscles contracted.
3. As both legs pass each other at the middle, pass the ball from one hand to other between the legs and then back to other hand on second pass.
4. Repeat the process for about 15 - 18 times.

Squat-jumping-catching :- This workout will help you tone your thighs and built strength

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Fitness moves using your chair

February 11, 2013 Fat Burning

You do not necessarily need to go to gym for staying fit. You can do some simple workouts using your chair. Here are some simple moves that can help you stay fit right from your chair.

Kneeling hinge :- This form of workout is helpful in toning your hips and legs muscles.
1. Kneel down on your knees behind the chair at about your forearm distance from it. Keep your body straight above knees.
2. Hold the chair's top edges with your hands. Your knees should be about hip width apart
3. Transferring some body weight to chair and other knee, pull in your abdominal muscles and lift one leg ,keeping your knee bent, sidewise like pendulum little towards rear side of your body.
4. Raise your leg as much

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